About Us

Founded in 2009, our company, Triad Game Studios, exists to incorporate integrity, creativity and excellence to bring projects to life.
Our Mission.

TGS Helps You Improve Production and Scalability.

Our Mission: To inspire and nurture the creativity in all projects through gamification.

How we do it: TGS develops, supports, and stewards technical infrastructure that maximizes creativity, innovation, and production.

Why we do it: We aim to grow as a dynamic, innovative development team, with innovation at our core business, while maintaining a commitment to quality standards and an adaptive environment in which we operate.

Forward Development

Forward Development

Our focus is on the process of building from a high-level model or concept to build in complexities and lower-level optimal details.

Quality 3D Development

Quality 3D Development

From design concept, development and publishing future-proof assets our dedication is to help developers focus on their product.

Release your Application Faster

Release your Application Faster

With our help you can go from design to post production in a much shorter time and save money for a larger ROI.

Premium Personal Support

Premium Personal Support

Customized help that fits your needs to help you achieve your end goal through personalized and dedicated support.

Passionate People on Our Team, Their Talents and Expertise.
Expert People.

Passionate People on Our Team, Their Talents and Expertise.

With over 20 years experience individually, our team of expert developers focuses on quality and personalized development to bring your project to life.

Our team brings you their knowledge and passion to your project in their individual fields that includes expertise in:
    ○ Programming: C++, C#, Python, SQL and more,
    ○ Scripting: Custom Scripting languages,
    ○ Applications: Build and deployment,
    ○ GUI: UX/UI design and development,
    ○ 3D graphics: Design and animation,
    ○ Servers: Server Architecture and staging,
    ○ Web: WebOps and Website development,

Our Team.

Meet Our Team.

Ronald Farrell

CTO, Co-Founder

Herb Marselas

Principal Graphics Engineer

Bennett Marschner

Lead Technical Artist

Joseph Stann

Sr. Network/Web Ops

Amanda Romig

Design Management

Tom Romig

Game Project Management
Cinda Eitel

Cinda Eitel

Aaron Weddle

Aaron Weddle

Support Services

Our Advisor Team.

Gerald Newman

Finance Advisor

Brian Burkhart

Marketing Advisor

Don Bowers

Security Advisor